The 42nd season of the Australian Women’s National Basketball League will run from 6 November 2021 to 2 April 2022. Once again, eight teams will compete for the WNBL title. So far, the Melbourne Boomers have the backing of the WNBL predictions to win the 2022 title. Let’s see how their 2022 Australia WNBL betting odds of winning stand against the featured 2022 hopefuls on Bet365 Sportsbook

ClubOdds of Winning
Melbourne Boomers3.25
Southside Flyers6.00
Townsville Fire6.00
Canberra Capitals8.00
Sydney Uni Flames51.00

Melbourne Boomers Lead The Title Race With the Best 2022 Australia WNBL Betting Odds To Win

At this time, the Melbourne Boomers are favorites to win the 42nd season of the Women’s National Basketball League. This time around, the Boomers are on a mission to claim their second league victory. Since their 2011 win, Melbourne Boomers have been under pressure to return to winning ways. 

Fast forward to 2022, and the WNBL predictions say that the Boomers can finally add a much-needed title to their trophy cabinet. All in all, the Melbourne Boomers pose as safe bets with 2022 Australia WNBL betting odds at 3.25 on Bet365 Sportsbook.

Southside Flyers Are Ready to Defend Their Title Despite the Tough Competition

Without a doubt, most, if not all eyes, will be on the Flyers as they look to defend their WNBL title. However, according to Bet365 Sportsbook, two clubs currently pose a threat to their title defending hopes. As it stands, these are current title frontrunners Melbourne Boomers and Southside Flyers. Despite this, according to our WNBL predictions, the Southside Flyers have the potential to retain their title. So far, the Flyers have the third-best odds at 6.00 to defend their title and to claim their fifth WNBL league victory. 

At this time, Townsville Fire (6.00) also have the third-highest odds to win this season’s WNBL. So far, they have won the League three times. First in 2015, then in 2016, and finally in 2018. Now, Townsville Fire have 2022 Australia WNBL betting odds to return to winning ways. 

Canberra Capitals Eye an Impressive 10th Australian WNBL Title 

Another club to keep an eye on for this season are the Canberra Capitals. Based on the online sportsbook news in Australia, the Capitals are the most successful club with nine titles. Now, after last recording a WNBL title in 2020, Canberra are ready for an impressive tenth victory.

However, according to the 2022 WNBL predictions and Bet365 Sportsbook, this won’t be an easy task. So, with 2022 Australia WNBL betting odds at 8.00, the Capitals will have to give their all to win this season’s title. 

The 2022 Australia WNBL Betting Odds Don’t Foresee a Win For the Sydney Uni Flames 

Lastly, Sydney Uni Flames are also one of the clubs competing for the 2022 Australian Women’s National Basketball League. Overall, the Flames have won the WNBL four times. 

However, according to the WNBL predictions, they will be under pressure to win the 2022 title after last winning the League in 2017. However, the Sydney Uni Flames currently have the worst odds of winning on the online sportsbooks in Australia. As a result, the Flames pose as risky bets with 2022 Australia WNBL betting odds at 51.00 on Bet365 Sportsbook. To learn more about the featured top bookmaker, be sure to read the latest review about Bet365 Sportsbook.