Darts are one of the most entertaining sports to play. On our website, you can find guides on how to make the most out of your darts betting. If you are interested, read our darts betting strategies. This sport became popular in both casual and professional play, and there are several interesting things tied to it. No wonder why the online sportsbook sites in the UK are following up with this major event. The World Senior Darts Championship soon begins, and you can place your bets up until February 3, 2022. Let’s check out the details we have, and the World Seniors Darts Championship odds.

The First World Seniors Darts Championship

This is going to be the very first world seniors championship. Fans of this sport are excited to see the outcome of this league. According to the report of Bonusarenahull, the world champion, Phil Taylor is going to make an appearance. And many believe that he is going to be the winner of this competition. He placed sports betting on this event. And if he did so, why wouldn’t you? According to the Twitter Page of the event @SeniorDarts, tickets are now available at the Dartshop. Before placing bets on this championship, first, let us introduce you to the latest World Seniors Darts Championship odds. If you ever heard the name of Phil Taylor, then you might have an idea what is coming.

World Seniors Darts Championship Odds

The bookies have already made the odds for this event. These odds are all indicating the obvious winning odds of Phil Taylor, the English darts champion. The winner of eight consecutive world championships is told to be the winner of this grand competition.

But before discussing his career, first, let’s check out the World Seniors Darts Championship Odds.

Phil Taylor2.50
Robert Thornton7.00
Kevin Burness7.00
Martin Adams11.00
Wayne Warren11.00
Richie Burnett11.00

These odds are speaking for themselves. But if you are skeptic about the odds made by the bookies, you can also look up famous sportsbook youtubers. They tend to give a huge insight into the betting industry, and the upcoming championships.

Who is Phil Taylor?

Phil Taylor is a former professional darts player. His nickname is The Power. According to his Wikipedia page, he won over 214 championships. And according to the World Seniors Darts Championship odds made by the bookies, he might make it 215. Winning eight consecutive world championships, he is considered to be one of the best players of all time. He is a legend in the arts community. He retired from the professional scene in 2018, after the World Championship. But for this event, he is making a comeback. On his Twitter page, he already made his wishes of good luck to his competitors. And he seems to be genuinely interested in this event. He is an obvious lover of sports, even in his retirement years. He is greatly favored by fans and the bookies both, with everyone giving him the smallest wagers on the World Seniors Darts Championship odds.

Can Robert Thornton Beat Him?

Robert Thornton is one of the newest and greatest darts champions on the list of players in this tournament. Odds are speaking against him beating Phil Taylor. Because if we are comparing The Thorn and The Power in their prime, we can conclude that Thornton is nowhere near Taylor’s level of skills. But who knows? Neither of these players is in their prime anymore. And it might be that Phil Taylor became laid back, while Robert Thornton was practicing hard to not lose his skills. If that is the case, then we can safely claim that against all odds, they can very much be equals. Thornton’s career is nothing people might not wish to thrive towards to. He is an extremely skilled and acknowledged player of his time. And he might just prove the bookies wrong, despite his disadvantage according to the World Seniors Darts Championship odds.

World Seniors Darts Championship Odds

If we are looking at the odds mentioned above, we can see that the bookies made three groups for the possible winners. Phil Taylor has the greatest chance of winning. Yet you can still double your money by placing bets on him. The next two possible competitors are Robert Thornton and Kevin Burness.

Their odds are equal, and if you think that Phil Taylor is not in his former glory anymore, these two names are the next to consider, when placing your bets on the World Seniors Darts Championship. But if you think that Martin Adams, Wayne Warren, or Richie Burnett are going to perform better than they ever did, then they are the last league to consider. The names under them are likely not going to make it into the finals.

Where to Bet With the World Seniors Darts Championship Odds?

The given bets are rather inviting. If you wish to go ahead and jump right into placing your bets. These World Seniors Darts Championship odds can be found on Bet365 Sportsbook. It is one of the most reliable sportsbooks in the United Kingdom. You can place bets with several currencies, and you can visit from most European countries. What do you think? Will Phil Taylor destroy this competition too? Will someone beat him in his return championship? Prove the bookies wrong and win big, or get some easy money by betting on him. Will Robert Thornton manage to prove the bookies wrong? Or will Taylor keep on sitting on the throne of the best darts player of all times?